Specialty Treatments for Pregnant Women

We exclusively use Belli Products for all our specialty treatments. Belli is a physician formulated skin care line that provides the safest, move luxurious and effective solutions available to address the specific skin care issues of pregnant women, new moms and babies. Every Belli Pregnancy Product ingredients is teratology screened to ensure that it has never been associated with any birth defect.

Pregnancy Facial Treatment
Facials while you are expecting are ideal to manage dramatic hormonal changes that occur in your skin. Many women experience increased acne, while others experience extreme dryness or changes in facial pigmentation. Receiving regular facials will even out the tone and texture of your skin allowing you to maintain your healthy prenatal glow. Similar to a European Facial but customized for you with the Belli product line.

Belly Facial Treatment
Keeping your abdomen hydrated and treated helps prepare the skin for stretching during your pregnancy. This treatment along with proper home care can reduce the chances of stretch marks. Your abdomen will be gently cleansed, exfoliated, a mask applied, and Elasticity Belly oil massaged into your skin.

Reviving Leg and Foot Treatment
This treatment will soothe, revive, and relieve swelling and fatigue, and energize your legs and feet. Includes exfoliation, hot steamy towels, and relaxing massage of the legs and feet.

Belly Casting
Taking an imprint of your belly during pregnancy is one of the most beautiful ways to remember those intimate months you shared with your baby. We will make a replica of your belly during your final months of pregnancy. This unique treatment preserves the shape of your pregnant belly. Recommended between 6-8 months.


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